Web scrapping by database developers

Why A Database Developer Prefers Using Web Scraping

The answer is simple – Business needs information! But unorganized data available from various sources on the internet is not useful until a database developer implements a structured format to it. And web scrapping can get businesses the required data from the vast ocean.

Importance of data

Competition in the market is so high that every company is striving hard for better performances. No matter how small or large your organization is, data is required for analysis and correlation to decode hidden patterns and find accurate and relevant information, beneficial for its growth.

To understand this better, consider the following cases:

Case I

An entrepreneur has come up with a novel idea for his new start-up plan. He strongly believes that his idea is going to work out and is a feasible business model. How does one do the reality check whether this business idea meets customers’ requirements and can be a viable business?

The answer is conducting market research for which you will need a lot of data. Using web scraping, you can collect customers’ feedback and perform your data analysis.

Case II

If you are working in a stock market, you might want to have a look at stock prices frequently, which one is rising, which one is falling.

Organizations require web scraping were frequently updated data is needed from other websites for analysis and is important for strategic decision making and future use.

Case III

In today’s world, every business is active on social media, which not only makes it easier to connect with the customers but it also makes things more challenging. You need to be prompt and active to sustain the brand image in your prospects’ minds.

If you have a web crawler to collect the followers’ or friends’ list from your competitors’ social media page, you can connect with them and offer your services.

Benefits of web scrapping in database development

  1. Competitor analysis
  2. Collecting customer feedback
  3. Lead generation
  4. Product augmentation
  5. Investment decision
  6. Saves time and manual error
  7. Automation of marketing

But, how?

Now, the critical question is how such a vast amount of data is collected?

With the ever-increasing pace of expanding data on the internet, it has become even more crucial to collect relevant data from the millions of websites present.

One way to collect data is manually copy-pasting from various websites. Although it is a reliable process but a very daunting one, it requires a lot of time and human resources to be invested in. Consequently, the cost goes up with lower output efficiency.

On the contrary, our expert database developers can automate web scraping and data extraction using bots and crawlers. We have used a similar technique in developing the following Power BI dashboard.

(Note: Power BI can be connected to live data but, we preferred using VBA in MS Access for web scrapping, as we needed to use the data for other purposes too)

Power BI Dashboard COVID_19

Web scrapping facts from pro database developers

  • The techniques mostly focus on converting the unstructured data (HTML format) on the web into the structured layout (database or spreadsheet).
  • We create Robot/Spider using Visual Basic for Application (VBA)/Python language to crawl through thousands of websites and pages on the internet to collect a large amount of data.
  • Almost, any programming language can be used for web scraping, but Python is one of the most powerful and flexible with a dedicated library of its own such as “beautifulsoup.”
  • Intelligent scrapers extract information from multitudes of websites on a real-time basis without extracting irrelevant links present within and can simultaneously monitor frequent changes in data in multiple websites.
  • Finally, after data extraction, the saving of data is a matter of the user’s choice. We can help you save it to a local file in your computer or a database in a spreadsheet format or any other suitable format for later retrieval and analysis. Saving data in database form makes it easy to read and interpret.

We can further develop interactive dashboards and reports on MS Excel, MS Access, Power BI or Tableau, and enhance your decision-making skills.

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