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SQL Programming And Its Application In Best Database Software

SQL is a programming language, used to update the database, execute queries, and manage other functions like permissions.  It has been designed in the 70s for relational database management systems and is as omnipresent as data itself.

Have you ever heard anyone pronouncing SEQUEL? For a while, SQL has been titled as SEQUEL for Structured English Query Language, and thus some people still pronounce it that way. But they both refer to the same language.

Oracle was the first to use SQL, and IBM soon followed suit. Today some of the best database software like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL use it. While adhering to the SQL standard, the programmers add or remove portions as required.

To access and use your data, you need to have a database program or server. Most of the database providers use their database application servers like Oracle and IBM uses Oracle Database SQL DB2, respectively. Then, you have the SQL Server from Microsoft and MySQL, which is an open-source database program. Often developers consider MySQL as a light version of Microsoft SQL. Small businesses can start with MySQL, and with growth in business can move to other database systems like Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Programming

Use of SQL

Every field uses SQL to maintain their database – health care uses it keep patient’s information, business use it to manage inventories, perform critical analysis, and education sector uses it to maintain students and course data.

Data scientists and database administrators use SQL to a great extent to carry out their analytical tasks. However, even if you are not an expert, basic knowledge of this widely used language is sure to give an edge in different roles, such as web development. You can also widen your scope as a database developer as most database servers are based on this language.

Microsoft SQL Server

One of the most popular database management engine and with several editions for different business requirements in Microsoft’s SQL Server. It works perfectly on cloud and local servers. Some of the best features are:

Microsoft SQL Server

  • From 2017 version, along with Windows, enjoy it on Linux too.
  • Track changes made in the database over a period.
  • Only authorized users can view sensitive data, thus keeping your database super secure.
  • Using SQL Server Reporting Services, you can now publish reports accessible from any device, and any software, including smartphones with Android, and iOS.
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