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Excel to Access Conversion

MS Excel is a widely used form of storing data, but not many of us are aware of the fact that it is not a database. It is convenient to use MS Excel to solve simple database problems. However, it is a flat file and not a relational database. Thus it is not flexible, and you will find it challenging to use Excel to answer unforeseen questions about your data. Microsoft Excel files are often large and contain redundant data, rarely used columns, and many unwanted blank cells, thus making excel dashboards heavier. When an organizational need for storing data increases, it is always advisable to move data from Excel to a robust form of database like MS Access.

Microsoft Access is the first choice for database administrators to create a database application quickly. It has always been a great “data landing pad” for gathering and consolidating different data throughout the enterprise, much of which lives inside Excel workbooks. At Office Accelerators we can help you transfer your data from Excel to Access.

We can help you to:

  • Normalize your data
  • Add more tables and join them
  • Create queries (or view of your data)
  • Structure the data and define data types to help ensure data integrity
  • Share and update data among multiple users
  • Create powerful reports and forms
  • Automate frequently performed actions
  • Achieve all the above activities without making the file size heavy
  • Automate excel dashboards

Excel users, don’t be afraid of losing control over your data. Think of it in this way. You’re not losing an Excel son; we, the Office Accelerators are just helping you to gain an Access daughter-in-law to make your life easier.

Our team at Office Accelerators has specialized developers with over 17 years of experience of dealing with Excel and Access MS. We have experts from varied industry domain ranging from telecom to finance to insurance to human resource. Our certified experts provide the complete upsizing solution in moving the data from Excel to Access.

We also believe in the proper training of the users. We impart them with the knowledge required for using the database.

Before handover a project to our clients, we thoroughly test the database to make sure that the end user experience is enhanced.

Microsoft Access-a blessing

Some of the scenarios where we can make MS Access a blessing for you:

Contact Management database

We can build tools that will help you to manage your database more conveniently. You can store contacts and mailing addresses, and with our reports in Microsoft Access we will merge the data with Microsoft Office or Word from where you take print in forms of letters, envelopes, or mailing labels.

Inventory & Asset Management Database

We can create a list of items for your business, and store photos and other related documents along with the data.

Order Tracking

We can create forms for your products, customers, orders and various other marketing kinds of stuff. You can use them to view reports that show sales by employee, region, time, or any other value.


We can create tasks for a group of people. Multiple users can track the same and make amendments at the same time in the same database.

Financial Institutes

Our tolls can be used by financial institutes for maintaining their books of records more competently. Thy can store data with access control rights and not just experience the joy of high quality database, but also ensure data security.

Heavy files

With regular inclusion of data, when the database size increase, excel starts faltering. Your once a time well performing excel dashboards start throwing errors.

We can help you by automating your dashboards in excel and also by including more robust functionalities and features to ensure uninterrupted performance.

In case you want to learn more about Access and it’s fitment in your business, 
feel free to reach out to us.