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What is a dashboard and its Importance

Our brain is more competent to register visuals than texts and thus the impact of visual information is higher than words. In fact, 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and no wonder why dashboards are so popular among top-level management of every sector.

In today’s data-driven world, where everything revolves around numbers and derivations, dashboards play a critical role in business decision.

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So, what is a dashboard?

A dashboard is an information management tool that provides a consolidated view of key process indicators (KPI) specific to different business process or service lines. It tracks, analyzes and maps the real-time trends of critical data points in a business, department or specific process. A data dashboard is user-friendly, and you can customize it to procure the necessary information.

While to use a dashboard, you do not require any technical knowledge; you surely need to possess skills. We connect it to your files from different sources containing data, include queries and formula to produce charts, graphs, and tables in meaningful and useful formats.

What is the importance of dashboards in business?

You can use data dashboards to smoothen your month end reporting and analysis. To plan for tomorrow, every business needs to know where it stands on a given data, the status of the KPI, its week areas, and its best performers as on date.

Help take business decisions

A well-crafted dashboard with sufficient data and actionable metrics helps in making business decisions.

You can examine critical data conveniently and thoroughly, find out the best performing KPIs along with the ones who need your immediate attention. With our visually enhanced and meaningful dashboards, you can drill down and find the root cause of a problem, and address it accordingly.

Well-designed dashboards help you to enhance the performance in each functional department.

Data is meaningless if you cannot use it for taking decisions. Our experts represent your data to meet your business specifications and to help you make better-informed decisions.

Interactive data visualization

You dashboards are your business’s data visualization tool using which your leaders and stakeholders can understand the analytics that is required for business, department or project.

Our BI dashboards will enable you to participate in taking analytics decisions by compiling data and visualizing trends and occurrences; for this, you do not need any technical skill sets.

Your stakeholders can refer to it to get the real-time performance of your company, and they can take investment decisions and other relevant decisions accordingly.

One screen view

Your business depends on various departments and a change in any of the aspects, whether it be in marketing, sales, support, or finance, is bound to impact the overall business.

Data of different department depends on the different denominator and compiling them in one view has been a challenge for ages. But, thanks to dashboards, you can now view all your required and critical information of any department on one platform.

You can derive a relation between different KPIs, see the corresponding performance over the period, conduct various analytics, and take a holistic decision based on all the essential aspects.

Easy to share

You can upload the dashboard on the cloud and share it with required people on a real-time basis or periodically. It keeps all the stakeholders of business on the same page. You can also access it on the go, regardless of the device that you use. Dashboards keep all your team members and stakeholder on the same page, thus making it easier to collaborate.

Another advantage of our dashboards is that they are ‘presentation-ready’ – you can simply display them on wallboard, presentations, or include them as part of email reports, and printable reports without any changes.

Other benefits of a data dashboard include:

  • Makes reporting much easier
  • Reduces data redundancy
  • Keeps your reports safe
  • User access specified


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