Database Development

Database Development

What do you mean by “data”?

Data is a set of values concerning qualitative or quantitative variables.

It relates to individual pieces of facts which can be used for analysis if recorded methodically.

Example: Information about the name, employee ID, date of joining, location. is data related to an employee of a company. Since one employee’s information is limited in size, it is easy to read and comprehend. However, when it starts piling up and when facts related to all the employees of an organization is put together over the period, the chances it becoming unorganized and causing chaos increases if not organized at the right time.

Here comes data warehousing

A data warehouse is nothing but, compiling the historical data to give a long-range view of data over time. The need for a data warehouse arises when there is an analytic requirement of the ongoing performance of the operational databases.

However, data warehousing will also not give a structure to your data.

That raises the question: what gives the structure to your data which can be used conveniently and a comparison can be drawn between the current state and the past information?

It is a database.

So, what is a database?

We live in a world intensely driven by data, and which is continuously changing and evolving at a fast pace.

Every business is inundated with a large volume of random data – both structured and unstructured – that grows exponentially with time. We need to arrange this huge amount of data in a logical way so that it can be easily analyzed and is accessed by multiple users. Also, not every user requires the entire data access, and in fact, this might even put data at risk.

To put things into perspective, this calls for the role of database development into the picture.

Database development is a systematic collection of data.

A database comprises of data which can be processed and organized to get a connection or relation within the data, and multiple user applications can access that.

Here, the word “access” includes data acquisition and manipulation on data such as adding, subtracting, or any other modification.

Databases are very critical as they are hugely responsible for the rapid growth and progress of the organization. 

Our team of experts at Office Accelerators can structure your data and help your business in 
developing efficient databases to achieve the targeted goals.  

Databases enable organizations to bring hassle-free experiences to the end users and run their business smoothly.

How can database development benefit your organization?

  • You can formulate better strategies for the progress of your organization.
  • It simplifies your search, and you can utilize your data more efficiently.
  • You can monitor the operations of your organization and found out the problematic areas.
  • Your data is more security with restricted access.
  • You can use structured data for creating reports and dashboards using business intelligence tools and retrieve customized solutions.
  • Data acquisition and data manipulation become, and you can delete or add any data at any point in time.
  • Unlike the data warehouse, it captures real-time data.

No matter what is the strength and size of your business, with a robust database in place, you can manage and interpret data more effectively.

Why is MS Access the most popular database management tool?

Microsoft Access database is one of the widely used desktop databases because of its unique characteristics:

  • Being a user-friendly RDBMS it is suitable for small to medium size businesses.
  • As compared to the other larger database system which requires incurs heavy expenses on setup and maintenance, MS Access is less costly.
  • Up to 20 users at a time can perform multiple tasks on MS Access without any hassle.
  • MS Access is the best tool available for RAD (Rapid Application Development)

Databases are very crucial for any business as it involves the most “valuable information” stored in them, the data.

How can Office Accelerators help you?

  • Our team of experts at Office Accelerators understands our duty of “data confidentiality” to our esteemed and reliable client base and esteems it with utmost priority.
  • We realize the importance of high efficiency and robust database which can synchronize your scattered data.
  • We can provide the best database solutions considering vital factors like your sector, business type, size of the organization, and mode of operation.
For further information on a database, feel free to contact us.