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MS Access to SQL Server Upsizing

Microsoft Access is the most widely used relational database management system (RDBMS) suitable for any business needs. It allows users to create more than one form, table, access query, and database on a single platform. It’s simple structure enhances the data productivity of a business and makes it easy for nontechnical end users. Being easy to install it is also best suited for small to medium-sized business. However, after a point, with the increase in database size, you will need to upgrade your it to some other robust RDBMS like SQL Server, Oracle, etcetera.
The process of transferring your database from MS Access to SQL server is referred to Microsoft Access to SQL server upsizing.

We recommend SQL server as it is robust and syncs well with the existing MS Access front end.

Need of Access to SQL Server Upsizing

The need to upsize your database system from Access to SQL server may arise due to one of the following reasons:-

Database Size

Microsoft Access has a database restriction, and it can support up to 2 GB of data. As your business advances, it may outgrow your existing database, and you may face challenges. Thus, you may need to migrate the database to a more efficient system like SQL server.

User Access

MS Access is suitable for up to 20 users accessing the database concurrently. If your organization requires several concurrent users accessing the database, you need to upsize your database system to meet your requirements.

Data Corruption

In general, taking certain precautions aid in minimizing data corruption :

  • avoiding too many user-accesses at a time
  • maintaining a robust network
  • data encryption
  • preventing the use of plugging
  • preventing the concurrent Access of Android and Mac users on the same network.

But, you cannot completely ignore the possibility as Access is vulnerable to data malfunctioning. If you are looking for high data security, it is advisable to shift your database to a faster, secured and more efficient database system such as SQL Server.

Future Scope

Suppose, the access database system meets your present database requirements efficiently. However, if there is substantial growth expected in business shortly Access will eventually prove inefficient to carry out the tasks. It may bring down the processes to halt. To avoid this, you may require upgrading the system to the SQL server. Moreover, it is a prudent choice to upsize your database system well in advance as it prepares you for the future when there is a sudden flood of data.

How can we help you?

  • With decades of experience, our experts provide all types of Access-based solutions. Moreover, our team of specialized developers has cross-industry domain expertise in telecom, finance, insurance, and human resource.
  • We assist you with a free consultation to figure out if your business needs Access to SQL Server upsizing or a few enhancements in Access can serve the purpose.
  • Provide the complete upsizing solution in moving the back-end database from Access to SQL server while keeping the front end in MS Access itself. Thus, without changing the user experience, the database is made more robust.
  • Our systematic approach helps in giving the best possible solution for your business.
  • With our thorough knowledge of SQL server, we can also help in maintaining your SQL server.


If you have any query regarding database solutions, contact us for a free assessment and 
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