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MS Access to SQL Server Upsizing

Microsoft Access is the most widely used relational database management system (RDBMS) suitable for any business needs. It allows users to create more than one form, table, access query, and database on a single platform. It’s simple structure enhances the data productivity of a business and makes it easy for nontechnical end users. Being easy to install it is also best suited for small to medium-sized business. However, after a point, with the increase in database size, you will need to upgrade your it to some other robust RDBMS like SQL Server, Oracle, etcetera.
The process of transferring your database from MS Access to SQL server is referred to Microsoft Access to SQL server upsizing.

We recommend SQL server as it is robust and syncs well with the existing MS Access front end.

Need of Access to SQL Server Upsizing

The need to upsize your database system from Access to SQL server may arise due to one of the following reasons:-

Database Size

Microsoft Access has a database restriction, and it can support up to 2 GB of data. As your business advances, it may outgrow your existing database, and you may face challenges. Thus, you may need to migrate the database to a more efficient system like SQL server.

User Access

MS Access is suitable for up to 20 users accessing the database concurrently. If your organization requires several concurrent users accessing the database, you need to upsize your database system to meet your requirements.

Data Corruption

In general, taking certain precautions aid in minimizing data corruption :

  • avoiding too many user-accesses at a time
  • maintaining a robust network
  • data encryption
  • preventing the use of plugging
  • preventing the concurrent Access of Android and Mac users on the same network.

But, you cannot completely ignore the possibility as Access is vulnerable to data malfunctioning. If you are looking for high data security, it is advisable to shift your database to a faster, secured and more efficient database system such as SQL Server.

Future Scope

Suppose, the access database system meets your present database requirements efficiently. However, if there is substantial growth expected in business shortly Access will eventually prove inefficient to carry out the tasks. It may bring down the processes to halt. To avoid this, you may require upgrading the system to the SQL server. Moreover, it is a prudent choice to upsize your database system well in advance as it prepares you for the future when there is a sudden flood of data.

How can we help you?

  • With decades of experience, our experts provide all types of Access-based solutions. Moreover, our team of specialized developers has cross-industry domain expertise in telecom, finance, insurance, and human resource.
  • We assist you with a free consultation to figure out if your business needs Access to SQL Server upsizing or a few enhancements in Access can serve the purpose.
  • Provide the complete upsizing solution in moving the back-end database from Access to SQL server while keeping the front end in MS Access itself. Thus, without changing the user experience, the database is made more robust.
  • Our systematic approach helps in giving the best possible solution for your business.
  • With our thorough knowledge of SQL server, we can also help in maintaining your SQL server.


If you have any query regarding database solutions, contact us for a free assessment and 
find out if Access upsizing is the solution for your business needs.
MS Access Database developers at work

What is Microsoft Access and what is it used for

Microsoft Corporations has introduced Microsoft Access approximately 25 years back and still many of the people ask ‘what is Microsoft Access?’ In spite of being a robust database management system, it is not commonly known because it doesn’t come with all the versions of Microsoft Office, and developing access tool requires a certain level of technical skills.

We, at Office Accelerators possess that skill and can help you 
with any type of MS Access query.

So, what is Excel?

While Excel is widely used for storing database, it is a flat tool and not apt for storing data. Till the time the volume of data is limited to 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns, you can manage with Excel, but what beyond that? You cannot always restrict your company’s database of employees, customers, dealers, and other stakeholders within the capacity of MS excel; you will need a tool to hold your data and to ensure optimum functionality of the database tool.

Here comes MS Access

Access Microsoft has been designed to resolve all the database related challenges of business.

Microsoft Access is a Database Management System (DBMS) that syndicates the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools.

In simple terms, Microsoft Access is an information management tool which you can utilize to store your company’s data in an easily readable (e.g., tables) and valuable (e.g., reports) format. You can conveniently use this data for future reference, reporting, and analysis.

What is MS Access used for?

For storing data with accuracy and consistency

In the traditional form of storing data, i.e. in Excel we need to re-enter each data of a column. This manual task increases the chances of duplication, and manual errors. In Excel, you and your colleague will have the freedom to store “New York City” as – “NY,” “New York,” “NY City,” etc. And when you use this database to generate a report, or for further analysis, the output will be incorrect.

MS Access reduces these gaps and brings in data accuracy and consistency through data normalization.

Our Access developers use 3rd normal forms to design tables for you where you can store data by removing duplicates.

Easy modification of data

When you want to make any change in Excel, you will have to find out all the occurrence and change them; missing one can also impact your analysis. Ctrl+H (Find and Replace) might not help if like the above example New York is spelled differently by different users.

MS Access provides a powerful solution. It has only one record for the city and every other record is related to it using a foreign ID. So, when you make a change in one record, it reflects in all the related tables.

We design forms for you using which you add, or replace or remove any data in a table.

Better control over your data

Access Microsoft provides a centralized location for storing, securing, and controlling your database.  It has the feature to protect database files with encrypted passwords.  This helps you to provide restricted access to each user, and you have better control over your data and you also enhance its security. But using Excel, you do not have control over the data stored in individual worksheets.

We can design access restricted database applications for your organization which you can share with your stakeholders, without fear of data loss.

Suitable for further analysis

With its standardized format report design access you get better insights of your database. And you can make better-informed decisions by reporting and analyzing the same.

MS access database is already normalized and it doesn’t contain any duplicate occurrence. So, it is ideal for connecting to BI solution tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Duplicate data affects the Excel files’ size and impacts the dashboard’s performance. Moreover, due to lack of consistency in the Excel database, at times you may land up into a significant problem.

We can help you with critical reports and dashboards to showcase your organization’s performance. You can use these responsive dashboards to analyze historical trends, do predictive analysis, and retrieve required information.


To know what is Microsoft Access and what is MS Access used for, contact us.


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Access Programming

Microsoft Access is one of the broadest use database solutions. It has a lot of technically advanced features using which you can create robust tools. But, to utilize it optimally you need to have the knowledge of access programming or take support from a Microsoft access expert.

When you create a new database, you start with creating tables and then move on to other database objects like forms, and reports. Eventually, as you advance, there comes a time when you have to add specific programming to develop robust, useful database applications. And, that you can do with access programming.

What is access programming?

In layman language, we can say that Access programming is a process using which the developers automate your software by reducing manual processes. They add functionality to your database by using Access macros or VBA codes.

When you click on the controls to which procedures are attached, you will get the desired output.

Difference between Access Macros and VBA

Both Macros and VBA is used to reduce the redundant steps and to make your database more dynamic.

Using a Macro Builder, you can collect many macros actions. It is more structured than VBS builder, and you can use this feature without having any coding knowledge. You can add macros to your database objects and control and automate the access programming with a click of a button.

On the contrary, if you want to add niche codes, you should opt for VBA.

VBA or Visual Basics for Applications help you to use all those features which you cannot use otherwise. It also makes sure that your database doesn’t get corrupted easily. You may use VBA to create user-defined functions (UDFs), access Windows application programming interfaces (APIs), and automate specific computer processes and calculations. Microsoft access programmers use this computer language owned by Microsoft to add life to your database and empower it.

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How can our Microsoft access programmers help you?

Visual Basics team consists of Access developers with more than a decade of knowledge in access programming.

With our agile and customized approach, we pay intense attention to each dataset and assign industry specialized Microsoft access expert to resolve a database issue.

At Office Accelerators, we respect your data security and ensure that there is no breach from our end. Using VBA, we can automate the database to the minutest step, and that also requires access to your database. This might tempt you to opt for Access Macros. But, do you know besides enhancing the chances of data corruption, too many Macros also affects your databases’ performance? Trust and security are the foundations of our company.

We at Office Accelerators can also help you with:

  • Repair your corrupt dataset.
  • Using VBA, we can create macros to automate your repetitive work.
  • Our MS Access programmers can create robust tools and applications for each type of database.
  • We can convert your macros to niche VBA and improve the performance of your database.
  • Our Access programmers have a great understanding of the relational database management system which allows us to maximize the potential of any project and create the best of Access applications.
  • We also offer free training so that you can make the best use of the applications created by us.
  • We believe in testing every product before delivering the same.
  • We can help you to recover the forgotten password of your database.


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