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Excel is a software program created and developed by Microsoft and is a major component of the Microsoft Office suite developed by Microsoft. It was released on September 30, 1985. MS Excel uses spreadsheets to organize, store and format data or numbers. These data sets are captured in cells, typically using rows and columns and can be further utilized for cell-based calculation, pivot tables, various graphing representations and statistics based analysis. With the help of an Excel spreadsheet, you can create a monthly budget, sort business expenses, or even perform financial analysis.

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Microsoft Excel’s Usability

MS Excel is primarily used for the following functions:

  • Data entry
  • Data management
  • Accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Charting and graphing
  • Programming
  • Time management
  • Task management
  • Financial modelling
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Almost anything that needs to be organized!

Features of Excel Database Tool

Excel is vast in its usage and features. However, some of the key features are listed below:

  • Conditional Formatting
  • VBA, Macros & Automation
  • Pivot Tables
  • Look Up Formulas
  • Power Pivot
  • Data Filtering & Sorting
  • Data Analysis Excel Tools

For larger database, we can upgrade your database to MS Access & SQL.


How can we help you?

MS Excel is a vast, dynamic, complex and yet very effective tool. Globally business’ thrive through excel. However, we can help remove the difficulties with our services. The mentioned features need adept handling and we can bridge that gap. Learning and implementing Excel accelerating business functions is our forte. We smoothen out the creases. Find out how we can help you to understand your data better.

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Conditional Formatting: We can help you format cells/data according to a condition set by you and you can get a glimpse of entire data within seconds. Some new features like data bars, colour scales & icon sets have made it an even more powerful tool.

VBA, Macros & Automation: VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, is a special language that MS Excel speaks. Learning this might be difficult but we can empower you with the results which are crazy kinds of stuff like generating and emailing monthly reports automatically while you are busy reading this article.

Pivot Tables: It is helpful when you want to interpret the data stored. We can furnish relevant reports for you.

Lookup Formulas: This formula is deadly. Combination of it with a match, index can help in doing wonders. We can help you build dashboards, make interactive charts or create effective models.

Excel Database Query: It helps in querying the huge data effectively. Has been introduced in recent version(2010 ) and yet very niche. With this tool, we can help you go an extra mile.

Filtering and sorting data: It helps you organize your data the way you want to and we can assist you to do that.

Data Analysis Excel Tools: Our experts can prepare dynamic dashboards and data analysis tools with financial, and statistical insights. You might be from any industry, but through our solutions we assure you more meaningful insights to your existing data. So, if you are looking at drawing reports which help you analyze your business reports better give us a call.

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