MS Access Database with Sharepoint Database Management

MS Access Database with SharePoint Data

One of the most popular cloud-based platforms designed by Microsoft to develop intranet and database strategy is SharePoint.
Unlike common misconceptions, SharePoint is not the software to buy and install on your PC. It is rather a backend system which syncs all the desktops, employees and mobile devices together to ensure efficient coordination and hassle-free communication within the organization.

If you are looking at cloud computing as your future business module, the integration of Microsoft Access with SharePoint Data is inevitable.


Cloud Computing is a highly customizable feature of SharePoint to suit business needs today. It greatly reduces the infrastructure cost of the company by providing cloud-based workspace. It empowers the employees to fetch data from the centralized location in the cloud. Its true essence lies in keeping the organization together to be on the same page.

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Features of Sharepoint Management Tool

Data security
While Microsoft delivers SharePoint service via Azure cloud, companies which deal with sensitive keep their data in-house for compliance and/or security issues can sue the on-premise version.

Data Storage
You can either upload your existing file in SharePoint, or use online documents of Microsoft, or create lists to store your content.
Lists are like spreadsheets consisting of rows and columns. However, unlike Excel spreadsheets, they are an inbuilt feature of SharePoint and can be accessed by more than one people at once for concurrent access.

You can assign user-specific access right to a specific library or document. Sharing documents with external contacts was never much easier and convenient than now with SharePoint.

Search Option
Using the search option you can search for information on the current site and the sub-sites in it. Search is performed on links to documents, libraries, lists, or sites.

A library eases out your team’s activities and you can collaboratively create, collect, update, and manage files. SharePoint comes with some default library apps which you can use for your office purpose.

Access from anywhere
You can access SharePoint online from any device and location as long as you have a stable internet connection. In case you are using on-premise version, you need to log in to the intranet to have access to all the documents, files, lists, and libraries.

How Can We Help You With Migration Of Database To Sharepoint Tool?

SharePoint is sure to make your workspace better and enhance the work experience of your team. But, to make use of all the features a decent amount of human effort and technical skills is required.

Our team of experts at Office Accelerator ensures that you use this tool optimally. With their sound technical skills, they can build user interface which will not only make things convenient for you but will also make your database more secure.
Our MS Access experts build the user interface using forms and store the backend data in SharePoint, thus ensuring that neither you nor your clients face any technical challenge.

We can create client-facing Web Application, and incorporate specific content from the internal Web Application to pass on the desired information to your clients in a hassle-free manner.

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