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How To Become An Expert SharePoint Developer

Using a .net programming language, a SharePoint developer can develop conventional web parts and components for your SharePoint. He mostly has knowledge and experience of The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site,, master pages, web parts along with some in-depth knowledge of SharePoint 2007 object model, and Javascript experience.

If you are a non-tech guy, the above terms may scare you off – relax! You can get in touch with us, and we can help you to customize your webpage. However, if you come with some SharePoint programming language, and want to know your path forward, read on.

Let’s start with the basics

For developers with a .Net background, it might seem pretty much easier to simply whip out Visual Studio and start writing code to customize SharePoint sites. We are not saying you are wrong!

But, before get going with the coding part, understand the user interface. Get hands-on and know-how to create or manipulate SharePoint lists and libraries – once you know the user interface, you will be in a better position when it comes to coding it at the back-end.

Additionally, there are tons of online videos and study materials available on SharePoint, which can guide you whenever you get stuck.

SharePoint Programming


Let’s move ahead

Once you know the basics and the typical requirements of the clients, it’s now time to become a power user. Along with the more advanced features, know its ins and outs, such as content types, master pages, workflows, page layouts, publishing, managed metadata, business connectivity services, and more.

More than often, people do not realize the capabilities of SharePoint; thus, failing to utilize it optimally. And that’s the difference between a user and a power user! A power user understands its capabilities along with its eccentricities and limitations.

Yes, like any other software, SharePoint too has limitations. However, there are also multiple workarounds that you can use to achieve the desired functionality. A smart developer knows these without-code workarounds too.

Being a highly customizable platform from Microsoft, focus your time only on those areas that cannot be customized out of the box – you will save time, which you can use to be a more productive developer.

And, the fun begins

Once you become a power user, you can now start implementing your coding skills. If it’s only .net that you know, then following are the other programming that you might need to harness –

  • Client-side object model (CSOM), for working with Office 365.
  • PowerShell
  • JQuery and Javascript

Each company has different reasons for using SharePoint. So to know which programming will help you the best, you first need to understand the company’s goals.

Having said that, you can master the required languages if you have a strong knowledge of Microsoft ASP.NET Site,, and Visual Basics.

Our suggestion – become a power user first, and understand all the capabilities and configurable features of SharePoint – your path toward becoming a proficient SharePoint developer will become smoother.

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