COVID-19 encourages employees to work remotely

Coronavirus Outbreak Is Changing The Way IT Companies Work

Coronavirus is the propelling force making people stick to their homes no matter what their intentions are by posing a considerable health risk. The mortality factor and the after-effects are scary, but sitting back at home, doing nothing isn’t the solution!

The world economy has been impacted hugely due to this unexpected and unplanned shift in such a short span, even renowned and CMM 5 level companies were not prepared for this contingency – none knew a situation would arise when 99% workforce will be forced to log in from home. Compared to the manufacturing, banking, and healthcare sector, the IT sectors including database consultants, developers,  and the BPO employees, are in a much safe position. In essence, work from home is more feasible in this sector than in many other industries. Thus, making the most of it, the management and the employees, are finding viable solutions to manage this inadvertent shift of dynamics effectively.

These new methods might pave the way to future work models, or it may totally change the workspace dynamics in the coming days. The global crisis caused by COVID-19 is enforcing people to apply novel approaches for remote working and learning tools leading to the increased use of solutions like Alibaba’s DingTalk, WeChat Work, and Tencent Meeting. After all, necessity is the mother of all invention!

The is a change in working practices as well as shopping habits, and this may even become the complete norm permanently.

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Accelerating The Future Of Work
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The rapid changes thus caused may also lead to other immediate changes like restructured workplaces, redefined roles, rapid learning, and reserves of trust. Organizations are striving to address all these issues and much more during this COVID -19 pandemic.  VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environments that were long spoken are now becoming a reality. The transformation is swift and is much about the situation rather than choices for handling the economy effectively. In just a matter of a few weeks, everything went topsy-turvy. The chaos was established when companies witnessed massive cancelations, business shutdowns, and work from home mandates. Virtual business operations are being implemented to cross the social distancing hurdle in order to help flatten the curve, which includes companies like JPMorgan, AT&T, Google, Amazon, Nike, Facebook, and many more big and small companies.

It is for the best or worst only future holds the answer, but Coronavirus must also be called the great catalyst for business transformation. Database consultant firms are also responding creatively to this challenge and trying to keep the work in pace. Every sector needs adaptation to the current situation, and they are adopting inventive responses, adjacent industry personnel recruitment, training faculty to teach online classes, providing equipment to work remotely, planning production according to the current supply-demand, and adjusting the staff accordingly.

This change has an unforeseen positive impact amidst this pandemonium, i.e., it fostered the human potential, which was somewhat secondary and pushing the productivity drive’s first place lower. The leadership focus shift to human potential is a change welcomed by many and is deemed to be an important one as well as thought-provoking and introspective of all our previous actions.

This pandemic situation has suddenly turned the bustling towns into ghost towns. The mandatory caution advised to help restrict community spread by social distancing has forced lockdown on people, making them stay home. Giant corporations are no excuses for this quarantine life and Slack, Zoom, Skype, and Hangouts to meet, and collaborate has become their lifesavers in both work aspect and as useful communication tools for venting personal stress. Big and small companies no one is an exception to this equation, and the bosses are learning that out of sight does not mean out of mind. Employees are at more trouble managing to focus on deadlines and increased family responsibilities. A trust-bond is being forced where managers are left with no choice but to trust their team to do what they ought to be doing, and surprisingly they are receiving the equally dependable response.

Tools To Help You Work From Home

Companies like Google and Microsoft who have been implementing virtualization since long back are transiting smoothly and as expected. But, what’s noteworthy is, younger companies like Pipedrive amazed the industry with a transition within the 24-hour span. Yes, not all companies are that effective and are sabotaged by policy mandates of data processing, access to high-speed internet from residency, and cultures that prioritize presence over productivity, among other obstacles that still need to be addressed.

Global pooling of skilled workers in a cost-effective manner, the disappearance of layered management, productive investment of money by minimizing the physical spaces, etc., are few of the effective changes expected to drive the future of companies by altering few policies.

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