Business Intelligence Tools

Data is crucial in today’s competitive world – in fact, it is the crux of today’s business. Therefore, it is imperative that you store it appropriately, and in a manner which is usable and readable.

What is BI Reporting Tools?

A Business Intelligence Dashboard, commonly known as a BI dashboard is an effective and dynamic data visualization tool. Using these dashboards you can display crucial business information on one single podium.
BI Dashboards can help you to track all the relevant business data like KPIs, metrics, financial budgets, etc. of your process, company, or the sector as a whole.

Benefits of BI Dashboards:

  • Simplify complex data
  • Provide only the information which is required by the users
  • Showcase business’s performance at one glance
  • User-friendly and the end user need not have any technical knowledge.
  • The dashboards can be made interactive, using the slicers, filters, graphs, and charts.
  • View the best and worst performing aspects of your company, starting from products to marketing campaigns to employees.

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Power BI Dashboard

The essential features of Microsoft’s Power BI tool include dashboards, reports, and datasets. With technical knowledge, this tool can be used to build customized and responsive dashboards combining data from the local database and cloud data. Therefore you can conveniently get all your required information on a compact single view window, and compare your vital data with ease. Moreover, as dashboards are compatible with mobiles you can access them on the go.

One exclusive feature of Power BI is the Q&A feature, which you can use to gain further insight on your dashboard, in simple and understandable language.

The dashboards can be embedded in your portal or your SharePoint page. Thus, you can access it for free.

Tableau Dashboard

Tableau has the ability to handle massive database without causing any technical glitch. Because of its user-interface, it is certainly one of the best BI tools in the market. It can support complex calculations, data unification, graphs, charts, and maps using which we can prepare interactive and meaningful visualizations. Using these visuals, you can conveniently derive insights which otherwise is difficult from the traditional spreadsheets.

Like Power BI, you can access Tableau dashboards also from any device including mobiles.

How Can We Help You

As per the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms of 2018, the 2 leaders of BI market are Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, and our team members have an expertise of creating interactive and dynamic dashboards in both the BI tools: Power BI & Tableau.

Since our team members have prior experience in different sectors, they can easily understand your requirement and present data in the most meaningful manner.

The dashboards we prepare for you can help you to predict the future trend and point out the areas that require your attention.

Experts of Office Accelerators can build executive dashboards giving your leaders the real-time overview of your business through graphs, charts, observations, and other informative reports. They can help you make smarter, faster and more informed decisions.

Our experts can include geospatial maps to simplify your geographical data.

We respect your need for data privacy and can include user-specific access restrictions.

We can import data into the dashboards from different datasets – Access, Excel, SharePoint, and the World Wide Web.

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